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Your Modern-Witch membership gives you access to a growing list of mobile features.  If you have an unlimited TXT messaging plan (check with your carrier before using), you can take advantage of mobile weather reports, update your to-do list, get moon and seasonal information and much more.  New features are being added all the time.  Check back here frequently for a complete list!

Getting Started

TXT features are only available to MW members, so if you're not a member yet, why not sign up today?
After you've got your account established, setting up TXT features takes just three easy steps:

  1. Click on My Profile in the top right corner of any page, and then to the OPTIONS tab.

  2. Fill in your complete, 10-digit mobile telephone number, beginning with the area code and be sure to click the SAVE button. 

  3. Finally, just TXT the letters    MW    to   TXT@MWITCH.COM

    NOTE: text messages are not case sensitive, so you can use upper, lower or mixed case letters for any of the Modern-Witch TXT functions.

    In a few moments, you'll receive a confirmation message and you'll see your profile page updated with your complete mobile TXT information.  At this point, you can start using some of the exciting features listed below!

TXT: MUSE [Subject] Message

TXT the command MUSE followed by whatever idea or reminder you have for yourself.  Optionally, you can keep your ideas organized by using the first word of your message as a subject heading.  For example, you might type:  
MUSE To-Do pick up dry cleaning

A few minutes later, your muse message will be added to your MW mail with the subject heading of "To-Do."  A second copy will be sent to your regular e-mail to increase the chances that you'll see this idea or reminder.  In addition, since most mobile devices keep a record of all outgoing TXT messages, there will be another copy in your "Sent" items.


TXT the command WEATHER followed by the U.S. ZIP Code that you'd like the weather forecast for.  For example, you might type:
A few minutes later, you'll get a TXT message with the forecast for Beverly Hills, California.


TXT the command...
A few minutes later, you'll receive information about the current moon phase.

Check Back Soon For More Great Features!
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